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The Best Decision Making Strategy That Steve Jobs Used which Will Transform your Business.

Steve Jobs was part of the Iconic people included within the Entrepreneurs world

Steve Jobs was behind the Apple Company and the reason for the existing of the iPhone and Mac book. He is a better known icon of entrepreneur and with the speeches he offered encouragements and advised people within all round aspects of business. Till now nobody can pledge that such an icon have been forgotten.

The important tip is that however much Job build a brand of his own, it does not stop there but always he shall be remembered for the better and wise words that he used in encouraging the upcoming entrepreneurs. The insight of the works and the courage he approached all situations, leaved a mark in many and would be also an inspiration to the course that you have trend on.

He can be described as a master decision maker who always made decisions in running his company. Some of the people have always thought that such success was brought about by always making the right decisions but the truth is that he was not always the kind that made the right decisions. The thing that Steve Jobs Did that many entrepreneurs could not do was that he always picked up himself whenever he made the wrong decision, learned from his mistakes and never gave up on something he believed in.

Many Business inclined people have always been challenged and made them dive into the complex water of business that made them not easy to swim when they always lack courage.

According to Steve the following was his sensational quotes:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something–your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

As the driving factor on the leaders it is not always smart to always think that you can run the whole organization and know everything within it. So it is never about the smartness of one in the organization, the only thing that can defines it is the ability to control everybody within it.

The century has turned the organizations into the complex and volatile environment that would always make the appropriate aspects. Another thing that one should always ask themselves is “what would have Steve Jobs done in any of the situations?”


Once you have a Business Idea what’s Next?

Many people are always in the speed of starting a business with any idea at their disposal. This is one of the things that makes a business not grow to its full potential and eventually collapse. This blog post is important in noting some of the essential questions that when you answer them can allow you to start a business or drop an idea and focus on another ideas.
It is henceforth important for a real Entrepreneur to identify his/her idea in Business and take time to concentrate in building it.

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Before you jump in the business consider the following questions.

Many economist have always dwelt in trying to answer the question of business failure. Meaning they concentrate on what makes a business stand and what makes it fail. The following are some of the questions that a new entrant in the business field should be focused on answering.

How big is the threat of new entrants?
If it was easy for you to get into the industry, it’ll be easy for your competitors as well.

How big is the threat of substitute products or services?
Beware of cheaper, faster, or more entrenched substitutes for what you make.

How much bargaining power do your customers have on price?
The bigger they are, the more they can squeeze you on price, or even force you to give away product as a “loss leader” to get in the door.

How much bargaining power do your suppliers have on price?
The fewer the suppliers of what you need, the more you’ll pay.

How many powerful competitors operate in your space?
Are they civil or warlike? The more vicious the competitors, the more money it will cost to compete.

This questions once answered successfully you will know if it is profitable to enter into a business or you will be faced with hostile environment.

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Due To Increase Demand Online Writing Training Has Commenced

Brief Summary of Online Writing.

Writing for money online has become a new job opportunity which have made people work and be paid at home. With many nations like the US having almost 50 million people working it has become the main source of employment across the region. Interesting enough many people have developed interest over the years but have not found anybody to help them fulfill what they have been longing for.

There are so many things that one can write online only the work force is not available for the job. So today we shall commence the writing training I will be posting the blog posts that can help you learn over this week please Don’t be left out if you need writing as a part time/full time employee. LIKE THIS PAGE AND FOLLOW THROUGH.

What you need

The necessity for online writing include the following:

  • An effective laptop
  • A proper and efficient Network connection

The other thing you will need is a password to access here Here that will cost you $10 (USD)  so that you access the notes about formatting of the papers which I cannot offer from here. Contact me at CONTACT INFO if you are interested please share so that we can start together!!

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