Freelance website is a Gold mine!!

Skype-Spanish-Lesson-1In all the Careers that most of the people are involved in, one of the best decision one can make is to become a freelance writer. With good internet and network connection plus an account such as Upwork and Fiverr where it has offered a platform for freelancers to meet with thousands of clients, there is nothing more than being a freelance.  This means that you can make huge amounts of money.

With all this perfect requirements, earning is not an automatic success since there are so many writers out there and client will only choose you if you can provide a perfect work than he/she can. This is mainly the reason as to why a client employees. So you must be ready to work for your own success.

The following are the reasons as to why a freelance should have a website:

Here is an example of a freelance website where you can get services including marketing.

Offering Clients Easy Work

This is important in the sense that clients would need to see some of your previous works and with a website you can just post your work and let the client have the glimpse of your work before they can hire you.

With posting of the documents links on the websites would be making the work easier and efficient for the clients.

This can allow one to Present yourself Professional

The Professional presentation of your work would be appropriate in the sense of allowing clients platform for them to know if you can make professional work. This serves as a person and can present you as a professional.

Turn your Work to Full time

With freelancing, something interesting include the earning within the online writing. The most interesting thing is that the more you do freelancing the more you earn making your addiction also high and become a proper and serious writer. Being a full time writer is important since you will explore and do extensive work hence more pay.

With a website you will be committed to your website and would be working as a freelance full time with full potential earnings.

More Pay

You must agree with me that with a bigger and marketed website ones earnings would be increased and the amounts paid would not be subjected to many charges. This would be important and appropriate in the sense that everyone only desire a better pay that’s why we work hard to have a better job.



Academic Writing Training!

20180326_110130_0001367904424.pngGet Trained to Train…. Academic Writing Training and Development Now Available at Affordable Rates.

1-Week-5-Units Training

Course Outline

  1. Formats and Styles e.g. APA, MLA, Harvard
  2. Referencing
  3. Citations
  4. Plagiarism Tools
  5. Use of Writing Tools


Introduction to Academic Writing

Register now with only $15 ( Kshs 1,500) and start earning while still in school (university students) or stay-at-home mums or salaried employees as a side hustle. The standard cost per page of any article is Kshs. 350 ($3.5) and this figure may escalate in the peak season to around Kshs. 600 ($6). Dedicating only 2 hours and delivering 5 pages daily can earn you roughly Kshs 2,000 ($20) per day converting to monthly Kshs. 60,000 ($600)+ extra cash tax free. In the peak season, we the writers have a lot of work to write, edit and proofread. Register now and within ten days you will be done with the training.

For more information regarding the training contact at WhatsApp +2540713905958

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– A laptop or desktop (any size).

– Have computer skills (a must).

– A smartphone (not compulsory).

7 incredible Money Saving Ideas from successful Businesses

With many people facing the problem of Money-Saving, there can be a great impact on the saving lifestyle especially when the Advice comes from real people and businesses who lived through the real situation. The Successful Businesses and enterprises offer the Money-Saving Ideas that are vast but 7 of all the detailed ideas seemed cheaper and incredible for everyone willing to save. In financial Journey, it is essential to note that anybody can turn around the spending habit and create a saving environment. Many people always think it’s hard to develop the saving habit, but all it requires is the first step. The following are the money saving ideas:

1. Regulate the Televisions Watching Habit

This is one of the saving habits that one can adopt. Regulating the Television watching would enable the consumer not to be exposed to the high spending ads. It is important steps that have seen many businessmen adopt and have turned out to be more reliable in terms of controlling the spending.

2. Listing the Shopping list and sticking to it

With sticking to the shopping list the shopping morals might be developed and create a good purchasing habit hence avoids more and unnecessary spending’s. This would regulate the impulse buying of things which would be so without the shopping list.

3. Consider the Quality of Appliances and Durable period

This is also an important step for an aspiring entrepreneur in the sense that it would reduce once spending by longer durability periods. In considering the poor quality appliances, the buyer would not last long and then start seeking another of the items. It is therefore important to avoid poor and less durable appliances to save on more.

4. Reducing entertainment spending

It is majorly an effect on families that would want to entertain their children. This can be a major menace in trying to solve the issues of saving. Children or Friends can be entertained at low cost in an effort to create a saving environment. It has been proven viable in the sense that it reduces the financial spending’s.

5. Avoid Stress

Avoiding stress is also an essential aspect in the sense that it would control the spending’s that one perceives when he/she is under stress. This has also been an ideal saving idea that has been proven possible and serves so many people.

6. Bank account

This involves a party trying to get the better banking facilities that have better interest rates and when saving of money would earn one better interest rates. It is an important stride since some banks have fixed deposit account which would be better for a person in need of saving.

7. Try and Earn More Money

Most of the people have poor saving habit majoring their main concern on the amount of money they earn. This myth can be detached from by trying to work for more money hence giving the allowance of the money that can be saved. This is also an important point in dealing with the saving of money situation.

All these Money-Saving ideas are important and serve an important purpose in ensuring the relevance of the customer who aspires to become a great entrepreneur. With the better understanding of the points, one can become a good saver in an effort to try and build a future business.


For any business to thrive, it is important to identify a specific target market as well as having a well-organized business strategy. All this information is obtained through market research thus making it very key for the success of any business. However the process of market research is often faced by a number of challenges due to the mistakes that may arise in the process. This in turn raises the question ‘how does one avoid mistakes during market research?

Below is a breakdown of commonly made mistakes made during the process of market research as well as how to avoid them.

  1. Researching the market in general is a mistake done by most individuals which amounts to failing to acquire information about your business in depth. It is important therefore to have a specific industry or business to concentrate on during the process of market research in order to obtain quality results.
  2. The choice of reference materials to be used is also very crucial in market research. In order to obtain flawless results it is important to use reputable sources only and not any general reference materials you come across.
  3. Performing market research in haste often makes many business owners to spend huge budgets on research firms and it turns out to be one of the commonly made mistakes. Avoiding overspending is very crucial therefore if you require to hire a research firm, it is important to search for the best deal first instead of rushing into any research firm which may incur high expenses.
  4. Competition is a very important field to concentrate on during market research. However most people fail to concentrate on this field thus amounting to poor market research. It is therefore very important to research on your competition in order to come up with strategies required to outdo them.
  5. Fruitful market research greatly requires aggressiveness which most businesses lack thus leading to poor market research. Aggressiveness especially during survey forms and in filling questionnaires is therefore very key for great results.

With the above tips taken into consideration during the process of market of research you can be assured of impeccable results and in turn the success of your business.


Are You an Aspiring Entrepreneur? Here is an Exclusive way on How to be Successful.


A Must Read by all who Desire to Market or Acquire real Clients and quality on their Businesses

For every entrepreneur to be successful he/she must have the desire to, and the driving force that compels him/her into doing and venturing into something new. Today I offer one of exclusive ways that one can market, advertise, Improve the product in several ventures.

It is very clear and in black  and white that no business can run without advertising/ marketing them which might drive potential clients to it or even creating an audience. The Most important part is understanding what you really need and then focusing on it. In many instances people tend to be faced with difficulty of understanding what might be the way forward after the Idea/business you have developed have started stagnating. The question you need to ask yourself are you willing to spend money to earn or…

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